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Automation And Control System

      Wirata Putra Otomasi is a leading business partner in Indonesia when it comes to automation and control systems. We have a deep understanding of different industrial automation systems and specialize in factory automation and IoT integration. Our team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in this field, allowing us to provide the best solutions for our clients. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and strive to exceed our client's expectations.

     Whether it is optimizing production processes or implementing efficient control systems, we are dedicated to helping businesses achieve their automation goals. With our expertise and innovative approach, we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner in the industry.


Our support regarding Factory Automation products consists of Monitoring System, Analysis System, Reporting System, and Industrial Machine including Programming (PLC, HMI, Servo Motion, Inverter, or other controllers), Improvement/Retrofit, and control system design. We can also assist users in designing, developing, and implementing automation solutions that align with their needs.

Industrial Machine

  • Programming PLC and HMI
  • Electrical Design 
  • Retrofit and Improvement System 
  • Control Design 
  • Troubleshooting 


IoT Data Integration

       We offer a comprehensive range of Cloud-based Software, middleware, and hardware solutions designed to facilitate digital transformation for Industries and Enterprises. Our middleware is specifically designed to enable seamless integration between local control systems and IT/ERP infrastructure. In addition, our Software as a Service(SaaS) or on-site software empowers businesses with advanced capabilities in IoT, Logging, Monitoring, Reporting, and other Industrial applications.

Monitoring System

   We have the capability to develop monitoring system that can be accessed for various devices such as :

  • PC workstations

  • Mobile Phones

  • Internet-based devices


  • Cloud Database

  • Local Server

  • Servo System

Analysis System

  • Efficiency and Performance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Reliability
  • Preventive Cost
  • Fault Analysis
  • Machine Learning

Reporting System

  • Custom Report to Excel
  • Auto E-mail
  • Export to .csv, .pdf, .xls
  • WhatsApp Notification
  • API to ERP


      We understand that developing products for the Automation Industry requires a deep understanding of various aspects such as domain knowledge, market trends, operating conditions, and regulatory compliance. As a trusted partner for OEMs in the Manufacturing Industry and factories, we have gained extensive experience and expertise in building exceptional products. Our aim is to leverage this knowledge and offer our services to help you streamline your product engineering process, making it more efficient, cost-effective, and of superior quality. With our assistance, you can expect faster development cycles, reduced costs, and improved overall product performance.

       We provide comprehensive product engineering services to utilities and OEMs. Our services encompass various aspects such as

  • Field data acquisition and integration

  • Field device integration

  • Secure remote device monitoring

  • Operations management

  • Smart devices development

  • Quality management applications

  • Cloud, IIoT, and analytics solutions.

With our expertise and experience, we aim to deliver top-notch services that meet the specific needs of our clients.

Support Request

Whether you require technical support, need clarification on our products or services, or simply seek guidance, our support team will provide prompt and reliable assistance.