Our support regarding Factory Automation products consists of Monitoring System, Analysis System, Reporting System, and Industrial Machine including Programming (PLC, HMI, Servo Motion, Inverter, or other controllers), Improvement/Retrofit, and control system design. We can also assist users in designing, developing, and implementing automation solutions that align with their needs.

Factory Automation

     Our company specializes in providing comprehensive support systems that cover a range of services including programming PLC and HMI, electrical design, control design, retrofit and improvement systems, and troubleshooting machines. With our expertise in these areas, we can assist you in optimizing your operational processes and enhancing the efficiency of your machinery.

        Our team of experienced professionals is proficient in programming PLC and HMI systems, ensuring smooth and reliable automation processes. Additionally, we offer expertise in electrical design, guaranteeing that your system is safe and compliant with industry standards. We also provide control design services to help you develop innovative and efficient control systems. Moreover, our retrofit and improvement systems can upgrade your existing machinery to enhance productivity. Lastly, our troubleshooting services can quickly identify and resolve any issues with your machines, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Trust us for all your support system needs.

      We provide solutions for automation problems and have extensive experience working with several renowned brands in the industry. Our expertise includes working with :

         Whether you are facing issues with control systems, robotics, or any other automation-related challenges, our team is well-equipped to help you find the most suitable solutions. With our in-depth knowledge of these brands and their products, we can efficiently diagnose and address any problems you may encounter. Rest assured, we are committed to delivering high-quality services and ensuring smooth operations for your business.

  • Mitsubishi Electric


  • Fuji Electric

  • Yaskawa Electric



  • Schneider Electric

  • ABB

  • Rockwell Automation

  • Danfoss


Industrial IoT (IIoT)

      Our IIoT product offers various features to enhance your industrial operations. With our connected sensors and devices, you can collect real-time data from your equipment and machinery. This data is then visualized and presented in a user-friendly format, allowing you to gain insights and make informed decisions. Our advanced data analytics capabilities enable you to analyze the collected data and identify patterns and trends. With notifications and alarms, you can stay informed about any anomalies or issues that require immediate attention. Our predictive maintenance feature helps you proactively identify potential equipment failures, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. You can also remotely monitor your operations and integrate our system with other existing systems for seamless operations. Rest assured, our product prioritizes security and data protection. Furthermore, our solution is scalable and provides comprehensive reporting and analysis tools to help you optimize your industrial processes.

Connected Sensors and Devices

       This feature allows industrial devices to be linked with sensors that collect data from the physical environment. These sensors can measure parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, speed, and more. The data generated by these sensors is sent through the network for further analysis.

Real-time Monitoring

       This feature enables users to monitor industrial processes in real-time. Data collected from sensors and connected devices is presented in real-time, allowing for quick and effective decision-making.

Data Visualization

      IIoT monitoring platforms typically provide intuitive visual displays such as graphs, charts, maps, and dashboards to represent data in easily understandable ways. This helps operators and managers visually track system performance and conditions.

Advanced Data Analytics

      This feature involves using data analytics algorithms to identify trends, patterns, and anomalies in the collected data. This analysis can assist in predicting device failures, preventing disruptions, and optimizing operations.

Notifications and Alarms

    IIoT monitoring systems often come with the capability to send notifications and alarms to operators or managers when emergencies, faults, or conditions requiring immediate attention occur.

Predictive Maintenance

     By continuously analyzing sensor data and device performance, IIoT monitoring systems can help plan for predictive maintenance. This means maintenance is performed before serious failures occur, avoiding unexpected downtime.

Remote Monitoring

     This feature allows operators to monitor and control industrial processes remotely. This is beneficial for reducing the need for physical presence on-site, cutting costs, and mitigating potential risks.

Integration with Other Systems

     IIoT monitoring platforms can often be integrated with other systems within a company, such as supply chain management, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and industrial automation systems.

Security and Data Protection

     Strong security features must be present in IIoT monitoring systems to protect sensitive data and prevent cybersecurity threats. This includes data encryption, access authorization, and intrusion detection.


       IIoT monitoring systems should be able to easily accommodate the addition of new devices and sensors as the company grows.

Reporting and Analysis

       The platform should be capable of generating detailed reports on operational performance, resource usage, efficiency, and long-term trends.

These features help optimize industrial operations, improve product quality, reduce production costs, and overall enhance a company's productivity.